I figured someone would ask this. I may not like to cook, but I LOVE kitchen gadgets! Spoons? Spoons are my favorite item. You can never have too many spoons. Tea spoons, table spoons, measuring spoons, a good cooking spoon. Speaking of cooking spoons, my favorite ones are the “Spoonulas” from Williams Sonoma. I have them in several colors. (Different colors? Genius move on their part!) My most treasured spoon is a hard plastic cooking spoon that I purchased in Bad Windsheim, Germany over 20 years ago. I’ve never found another one like it.

Mike also loves kitchen gadgets, of course! His favorite thing is the knives. When we go in to a kitchen store, you are likely to find me by the spoons, and him by the knives. We own more knives than I can count, knives with a variety of purposes. Some of them are even stored in his knife roll up in the cabinet where I can’t reach them. (Not so much to keep me out of them; mostly just because I am short and so we don’t use the top shelves in our cabinets!) I’m ok with them being stored away like that, I have my favorite knife that I like to use, and it lives in the knife block on the counter.

We can’t really make a good dish without a good spoon and a sharp knife. We need them both — just like we need each other.

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